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作者: bhgd19687    時間: 2013-12-19 01:46     標題: don’t forget to wash your feet too. It sounds dumb

your feet, because they prevent ventilation. You go for an hour jogging wearing them and the next thing you know,, everything around starts rotting. It is nice to see good looking shoes at low prices and you may think you’re getting a good deal. Trust me, you’re not! They will break sooner than you can imagine, and the cost and effort to keep them in good condition and smelling great just isn’t worth it. You get what you pay for. I recommend you chose a slightly more expensive and higher quality shoe for now and you’ll save more in the long run. 2. Maintain hygiene. Nothing new here,ugg boots billig, but a lot of people seem to overlook this detail. When you’re showering,Ugg Stiefel, don’t forget to wash your feet too. It sounds dumb, I know,Ugg Schuhe, but when showering, most tend to forget about the feet. Since all water and soap goes to the feet, why bother washing them? But that’s not enough. We’re talking about the most awful smelling part of our bodies. Do you think only water and soap will do the trick? I don’t think so. There are many types

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